The Interdisciplinary Immigration Research Network (IIRN) is a collaborative group involved in the creation and mobilization of applied research related to immigration and settlement matters in small centres and rural influenced areas of Manitoba and Canada.

Our outcome is to better understand the barriers, opportunities, and resources related to the settlement and integration of immigrants and newcomers in rural communities. Through a coordinated effort we are able to mobilize partnerships, and lead community-based research projects that will better inform all stakeholders. These collaborative initiatives will bring together academic researchers, organizations, policy makers, and the immigrant and newcomer community.

We partner with individuals from different backgrounds, multi-sector organizations, and other academic researchers to facilitate broad community representation and a deeper understanding of the issues. To give all immigrants and newcomers a voice, our work is guided by a segmented understanding of the immigrant and newcomer journey.

While the background of immigrants and newcomers might be unique, they do not live in isolation. In order to provide valuable community-based research, our approach is to contextualize immigrant and newcomer issues in relation to the community of which they are a part. This approach will provide all stakeholders a unique pulse of the community at-large, and a contrast of the immigrant and newcomer community in particular.

Our unique understanding of rural communities, and our collaborative interdisciplinary approach brings together a collective of knowledge, expertise, and capacity. This better informs community engagement, guides stakeholder action, and facilitates broader scholarly practice.

Due to the strength and breadth of our network, we are able to contribute towards a broad range of topics. IIRN founding members include Brandon Local Immigration Partnership, Centre for Aboriginal and Rural Education Studies, Centre for Critical Studies of Rural Mental Health, and Rural Development Institute.

On a project basis, or an on-going basis, individuals, organizations, academic researchers, and funders are invited to participate in the Interdisciplinary Immigration Research Network. Contact us to discuss your area of interest.

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